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Whole Well Woman bath tea
Whole Well Woman bath tea
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Whole Well Woman bath tea

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This bath tea is a warrior for all women. Whole Well Woman bath tea is blended specifically to balance hormones, ease moods associated with various stages in the female cycle, and support a woman's body and mind.

This is one of our most (naturally) fragrant bath teas. Nettle, raspberry leaf, and red clover are nourishing with high concentrations of key vitamins and minerals (such as iron and magnesium), while clover also helps balance mood. Lemon Balm gently calms anxious thoughts and, paired with deeply calming lavender, improves feelings and thoughts of well being. Tulsi supports the adrenals, protects the body against stress, and boosts the immune system.

organic red clover
organic red raspberry leaf
organic nettle leaf
organic sage
organic lemon balm
organic lavender
organic tulsi/holy basil

1 sachet per bath.

Bath tea can be made in two ways; simply remove the tag and toss the sachet in a hot running bath, or steep it in simmering water on the stove for 10 minutes before pouring the sachet and the hot tea water into a hot bath. Sachets can be emptied into the tub for a truly decadent bath.

This may also be used for a facial steam. Simply place in two quarts of hot water and let simmer for five minutes. Breathe in deeply for desired amount of time with a towel over your head to contain the healing steam. Good for a wholly balanced body and mind.

Our herbs and flowers are grown, foraged, and dried here at Bee Balm & Nettle in Midcoast Maine. Any sourced herbs are certified organic. Bee Balm & Nettle bath teas are made with medicinal flowers and herbs for a healing, luxurious, bathing experience.

Bathe in the flowers.